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We are Sunny Home Care

About Us

Established in 1985
1200+ distributors
100+ Workforce
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We began a straightforward mission to offer home cleaning solutions to our local community. In the past three decades, we have surpassed our initial goals. From our initial strides in this journey, we've overcome numerous challenges and reached significant milestones. Presently, we stand as one of the leading manufacturers of Concentrated Floor Cleaner in India, managing automated production units, maintaining a seamless distribution network, and establishing a brand synonymous with trust and value.
Our journey commenced in 1985, when Krishnakant Pandey saw an opportunity in the area of home cleaning.
We soon began manufacturing concentrated floor cleaner and spent relentless hours promoting and selling concentrated floor cleaner in and around Mumbai. Our product was well received by customers and distributors alike. With strong validation to back us, we decided to take our product beyond Mumbai, into the suburbs and nearby areas.
In 1977, within 2 years of being established, we set-up our first full-fledged production unit. A strong distribution network was critical for our growth and we invested in creating a network to ensure availability of our product in neighborhood grocery stores to multi-chain department stores. Keeping in tandem with our growth over four decades, we set-up our fully automated production unit in 2011.
Sunny Home Care has capitalized on its traditional strengths as a Concentrated Floor Cleaner manufacturer by introducing a range of products that caters to customers across all sections of the society.
Sunny Home Care is a recognized name with over millions using it at their homes, offices and industrial units. We have witnessed tremendous growth in the last few decades, and we truly thank our loyal customers who believed in us and entrusted us with a simple but an important task of keeping their home clean.

Sunny Home Care is an exceptional brand in the rapidly evolving household cleaning product industry, where quality and creativity are paramount. Sunny Home Care has made a name for itself in the market by offering a special combination of excellent products, unrivaled customer service, and an innovative strategy. We examine what distinguishes Sunny Home Care, look into their unique offerings, and take a look at their growth strategies in this article. We strive hard to make our goods efficient consequently you'll have to invest in minimal energy. Our special mixture effectively removes filth, oil, and tough marks from floors and flooring, resulting in a versatile cleaner for utilization in houses, workplaces, and other settings. Organic scents from citrus and pine, as well as aromatic oils, are used in our goods. It may be frequently utilized for cleaning flooring, restrooms, and other surfaces.

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Transforming your space into a sanctuary,
one meticulous clean at a time.